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GPA & ThreatGEN ICS Cybersecurity Awareness Training Partnership

Written by Scott McNeil

Industry has a skills gap when it comes to OT/ICS security. Quality ICS Cybersecurity awareness training is one of the many keys to bridging that gap. GPA has partnered with ThreatGEN – Red vs Blue to provide this training.

ThreatGEN Red vs Blue is the premier training platform which provides informative lecture combined with an interactive gaming experience that pits students against one another in a Red vs Blue fashion. This is not a fiction-based game like those found on the consumer gaming market. This is a live, player vs. player “gamified” training simulator, designed to teach Cybersecurity skills in an immersive and interactive applied learning environment.

Students will get to experience both the attacking (Red) and defending (Blue) positions of an ICS network and apply the lessons and principals learned during lecture. You do not have to be a hacker or an experienced network administrator to participate and enjoy the game. All you need is the desire to learn something new and have fun while doing it.

GPA’s certified ThreatGEN – Red vs Blue trainers can provide your company with:

· A modern approach to learning: live and head-to-head

· Cybersecurity from the hacker’s point of view

· Teach concepts that are difficult to learn effectively in a classroom situation with

slides, books, and paper only

· Enjoyable training content

· Custom tailored half and full day sessions

· Quality ICS Cybersecurity training that is both affordable and accessible


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