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GPA Releases a New Dynamic Asset and ICS Cybersecurity Platform

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Wilmington, NC — GPA (Global Process Automation LLC) has released a new product offering called “GPAidentify” which automates asset inventory, system alert monitoring, and a dynamic, automated cybersecurity assessment for Operational Technology (OT) environments.

GPA is a systems integrator headquartered in Wilmington, NC with regional offices in Iowa, Virginia, Tennessee and Washington state. The company specializes in solutions in pulp and paper, life science, specialty chemical, food and beverage, building products, and discrete manufacturing. GPA has four main pillars of service including Industrial Automation, ICS Cybersecurity, OT Infrastructure, and Manufacturing Intelligence.

GPAidentify has been designed and developed from over two decades of experience and expertise in OT implementations and support for their customer base. In addition to automated asset inventories, system alert monitoring, and cybersecurity assessments, GPA Identify delivers sophisticated active scanning, switch topology discovery, and ICS rack configuration data acquisition.

“We recognized over many years that our customers needed continuous, accurate inventories of their OT assets. With our work in ICS Cybersecurity, we realized that onsite assessments quickly became obsolete and many manufacturers were not implementing the first and most critical step within the NIST Standards—to “Identify” assets, business environment, governance, risk strategy management, and supply change risk management. GPAidentify is different in that it dynamically and continuously delivers real-time asset data, system alert notifications, and comprehensive reporting on-demand. We are excited to bring our product to industry and help manufacturers realize significant cost savings and increased productivity while mitigating risk through improving their cybersecurity posture” - De Robertson (GPA CTO)

“GPAidentify was designed and developed in-house with the talent and expertise of our employees. To meet the needs of digitally transforming industrial environments, we knew this product needed to be very comprehensive, but intuitive and protective of legacy OT assets. Beyond automating NIST cybersecurity assessments and passively acquiring asset data, our team worked hard to deliver sophisticated queue-driven, selective active scan capabilities which can operate in the most sensitive of OT networks. New customers are up and running quickly with their pre-configured account and our Quickstart Workshop, enjoying the high level of support GPA is known for.” - Bill Medcalf (GPAidentify Product Manager)

About GPA

GPA is a full-service engineering and technology development firm serving the manufacturing industry. GPA develops solutions for manufacturers in: Industrial Automation, Operational Technology (OT) Infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cybersecurity and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) and Analytics. For over 24 years, manufacturers have trusted GPA to be stewards of their processes to maximize efficiency, attain optimal ROI from their assets and protect their operational technology resources. GPA bridges the gap between IT and OT to implement best practices in the manufacturing world. For more information, visit


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