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Protecting Industrial Controls Systems from outside threats involves challenges which GPA is uniquely qualified to handle. Modern control system infrastructure is more complex than proprietary solutions of the past and requires a new resource model to effectively manage the integration and life-cycle of modernized OT infrastructure. 

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  • Security Objectives Workshop

  • Comprehensive Security Assessment

    • Security Program Maturity

    • Policies and Procedures

    • Physical and Environmental Security

    • Security Architecture

    • Access Control

    • Infrastructure and Security Management

  • Security Posture Baseline, Strategy, and Road Map

  • Asset Inventory and Classification

  • Risk Management Strategy

  • Defense In Depth Controls

    • Policies, Procedures, and Awareness

    • Physical Security

    • Perimeter Defense

    • Network Segmentation

    • Asset Hardening

    • Application Hardening

  • Incident Response and Recovery

    • Response Planning

    • Disaster Recovery


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  • Managed Network Services

  • Managed Security Services

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