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The GPAidentify Risk Mitigation Platform encompasses on-demand ICS Cybersecurity and OT Network Asset Management Tools.

Leveraging the latest NIST Standards, industry best practices, and hundreds of years of combined knowledge we empower you to move away from the old ways and into the future.


Experience the power to know!

Binary Numbers, intrusion detection, report icon, alert symbol
Risk Assessment
intrusion detection symbol
Continuous Intrusion Detection, Asset Responsiveness,and Syslog Alert Monitoring
Binary Numbers, intrusion detection, report icon, alert symbol
Comprehensive Reporting with Risk Mitigation Guidance
 Alert Symbol
Real-Time Alert Notification
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On-Demand ICS Cybersecurity

On-Demand ICS Cybersecurity Assessment

Historically, ICS Cybersecurity Assessments were done once a year at most, going through every cable and device by hand. Once the reports were written, printed, and set on someone's desk, they were out of date. With networking and machine updates as well as cables plugged in where they should not have been, it became obvious to GPA that a solution was needed for the modern era.

Step Into the 21st Century

Step Into the 21st Century

GPAidentify is the window into your real-time Cybersecurity posture. Once connected to your assets, we can monitor and alert with our continuous intrusion detection.

On-demand ICS Cybersecurity Assessments allow you to stay up to date with your scoring and track your progress. Do not

wait for the next year or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to understand your current risk levels and mitigation roadmap.

It is as simple as updating your scoring and running another report at no additional cost.

Assessment Radar Chart
Site Governance
System Assets
System Risk
Site Supply Chain

Choose between the site and corporate levels for an infinitely scalable solution:

  • Executive Summaries

  • Easy to understand dashboard roll-up scoring

  • Risk Management

  • In-depth assessment, Asset, and Alerting reports

Control Enhancements

Control Enhancements

Now that you know where

you currently stand, it is time

to build your roadmap for long term safety and security.

Roadmap depiction

We Are With You for the Long Haul

Some people drop a report, send their invoice, and leave, but that is not the GPA way; we are here to be your partners long into the future.

Our ICS Cybersecurity experts continue to monitor the latest trends and updates in the industry. Then, we regularly meet with you to update your Cybersecurity posture and roadmap on how to keep you safe.

Understanding where you are in the moment is the first step in the process of securing your facility.

Lifecycle of GPA Identify
With You for the Long Haul
Life Cycle Icon
Life Cycle Monitoring and Reporting
Configuration Icon
Switch Configuration and Topology Discovery
View of network icon
Real-Time View of Network-Connected Assets
Secure Files Icon
Secure Corporate Data Integration REST API
OT Network Assessment Tool

OT Network Assessment Tool

Your OT Network, searchable, right at your fingertips.
gear going into a cable
We plug into the main trunk line of your
OT Network.
computer with a network depicts on it
Workstations down to the backplane of your PLCs.
Using a combination of passive and active scans, we find all the hardware and associated software on your network.

Ever wish that you could see all the hardware, software versions, patches, and PLC IO in one place?

Welcome to the future where we work smarter.

  • View by line, site, or   organization

  • Process flow

  • Purdue model

  • Switch Config & Topology

  • Asset Lifecycle management

The future is one place where you can start troubleshooting digitally before tracking down individual wires.

GPAidentify is here to empower you to have your necessary OT Network & ICS Cybersecurity documentation at your fingertips.

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