A Process Automation Company That Understands Your Business

In manufacturing, time truly is money. Every second counts. Every step counts. Every unit counts. Efficiency and productivity are the keys to maximum profitability. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are wasting substantial time and money using inefficient systems and outdated technology instead of leveraging the latest process control and automation advancements.

By delivering flexible, fully integrated solutions on the cutting edge of technology, Global Process Automation (GPA) enables our clients to:

  • Bridge the gap between process control and information systems
  • Gain visibility and identify opportunities for process optimization
  • Achieve the highest possible levels of automation, control and productivity

The GPA Advantage


Cost and ROI are key. With a commitment to being nimble and efficient, we maintain low overhead and deliver exceptional solutions that are extremely cost effective.

Exceptional Engineers

Our robust recruiting network, stringent screening process, high performance standards and thorough training regimen ensure our clients only work with highly experienced engineers that possess the ideal skill sets for each specific project.

Platform Independent

With no ties to a specific platform, GPA process control and automation solutions can be tailor made for your systems integration project. Plus, our expertise in a wide range of areas and platforms can be transferred and applied to other areas.

Superior Services

Automation Solutions

Intelligent equipment improves productivity, frees up staff resources and directly impacts your bottom line. Let our experienced engineers help your organization leverage the full potential of integrated systems automation. | LEARN MORE

Process Optimization

Our process and control engineers can work closely with your team to analyze process control strategies, methods and procedures and identify opportunities to fine-tune your process. Together, we'll discover how to extract maximum performance and productivity from your equipment. | LEARN MORE

Operational IT

Operational IT is all about leveraging your systems to provide stability while ensuring the data you need is where you need it – when you need it. Our staff includes the industry certified technology experts necessary to help you plan, implement and maintain the ideal system for your operation. | LEARN MORE

Control Platforms

Our engineers are experts across a variety of platforms, including legacy systems and modern distributed control systems and PLC platforms. Whether it’s a new installation or an addition to an existing system, our team has the knowledge to get the most out of your control system. | LEARN MORE

Cyber Security

As new systems are deployed and older systems are brought online, the plant floor needs to be protected from outside threats.  With our experienced engineers, security and compliance requirements can be fulfilled without compromising your ability to manage your plant floor data. | LEARN MORE

Maintenance & Support

Unplanned downtime and unnecessary loss of output and materials are unacceptable, which is why GPA provides highly responsive, 24/7 automation support. Our highly skilled team can serve as a reliable, dedicated partner in your day-to-day operations and act as a trusted extension of your team. | LEARN MORE