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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Cybersecurity Tips

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It is always a good idea to exercise safe behaviors anytime you are online. On Valentine’s Day, the same old scams get all dressed up for a night out with your personal information. Use the following 6 tips to be safe this season.

1. Beware of files sent from unknown sources. Do not run or open files such as Valentine’s day e-cards, romantic videos or other attachments that come from an unknown source.

2. Watch out for links sent via email, Facebook or other social media, even when it comes from a trusted source. Make sure you review the page the link opens and if it isn’t what you expected or you do not recognize the link, close your browser.

3. If you go to a webpage that seems valid and it asks you to accept a download you did not initiate, be wary and do not accept the download.

4. Be careful when shopping online. Always check the address bar to make sure you are actually making purchases from the online store you intend too. It is best practice to only buy online from sites that are known for their reliability and secure transaction processing.

5. Never enter passwords, make purchases or complete other transactions involving your financial or personal information when using public computers or via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.


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