Food and beverage is perhaps the most dynamic and challenging type of manufacturing due to the countless production variables, the constantly changing demands, and the stringent quality and compliance regulations.

The recipe for success requires a number of critical ingredients, including:

  • The flexibility to quickly adjust between products and batch sizes and quantities
  • The technology to anticipate and maintain proper inventory control
  • The insight and automation solutions to minimize production costs, delivery cycle times and order changeover
  • Monitoring systems to ensure superior quality control
  • A thorough and streamlined auditing system to satisfy FDA and other compliance mandates

Our expert food and beverage manufacturing engineers will work closely with your organization to implement automated systems and processes that increase efficiency and productivity, decrease waste and costs and consistently serve up the sweet taste of success.

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Automated Bottling
Batch Processing
Lot Tracking
Packaging & Palletizing
Plant Optimization
Utility Controls: Steam, Water, HVAC
Vision INSPECTION Systems

Client Project Examples

Client Project

Design, implementation, and validation services for two central CIP (Clean In Place) units. Each CIP unit uses four parallel effluent lines, that through transfer valve arrangements, allows for simultaneous cleaning of their mixing, storage, formulation, and filling units. This leads to reduced downtime and improved process consistency.

Client Project

Performed documentation services for the existing ABB MOD300 control system; enhanced the control system logic to improve customer changes to an evolving process.

Client Project

Consulted for increased efficiency and made improvements to the existing automation platform and operations plant-wide. Designed and developed a preventative maintenance system for all equipment within the facility.