Scott McNeil, an IT / OT Specialist at Global Process Automation, recently shared a few thoughts about cyber security for the manufacturing industry on his LinkedIn page.  We love seeing our team keeping up with the latest in the industry!


“Manufacturing and Industry have, over the past few years, come to the realization that they are no longer off the radar of cyber criminals and malcontents. Since 2012 (and maybe earlier) there have been quite a few studies done and articles written to explore how vulnerable most of these organizations are. From Bob Radvanovsky’s Project SHINE (which ran from 2012 through 2014) to the latest reviews in SecurityWeek and DARKreading, the information is out there.

The real issue is, now that there seems to be a fair amount of awareness out there, what are these organizations doing about it?

With the recent up surge in malware and ransomware, the game has suddenly become much more intense. With cyber criminals having no shame and holding hospital systems hostage with ransomware, do you really think they will care if an industrial boiler explodes because someone didn’t pay to unlock a critical system?”

Read the full article on Scott’s LinkedIn Page