GPA understands in the world of Pulp & Paper, maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing waste and costs is the key to bottom line profitability. Evolving from legacy systems to the latest DCS tools and technologies is a critically necessary transition to remain atop this competitive commercial market. GPA cannot only help your company make that transition, but also tailor a solution that is precisely aligned with your throughput processes and output goals.

With more than two decades of hands on pulp & paper production experience, GPA is known in the industry as a leading provider of tech-based production enhancement solutions. We’d welcome the opportunity to design, configure and install your complete control system. Once in place, our engineers will work with your team to fine tune your system for optimum performance and set up comprehensive reporting to extract valuable and insightful production intelligence from raw plant data. Real-time reporting of key performance indicators will reveal opportunities for adjustments and empower your managers to make well-informed decisions with speed and confidence.

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Client Project Examples

Client Project
International Paper

Paper Machine Control System Migration
Replaced an existing ABB MOD300 DCS system with a new Rockwell PlantPAx DCS platform. Integrated existing ABB VF drive systems and Allen Bradley E300 overload relays over Ethernet. Leveraging a connected enterprise solution, the customer was able to gain real-time data through FactoryTalk VantagePoint to manage and improve manufacturing and their individual processes.

Client Project
International Paper

Bleach Plant Cost Reduction Project
Implemented a revised control strategy for CLO2 controls on a new ABB 800xA control platform that generated substantial cost savings to the end customer. Integrated controls across an existing ABB MOD300 DCS and the new ABB 800xA platform.

Client Project

Combination & Recovery Boiler Controls Migration
Performed a control system installation and integration for a combination and recovery boiler system. Upgraded a pneumatic and single loop control system to an ABB 800xA system. Designed, procured, programmed, implemented, and commissioned the ABB 800xA control system and integrated existing mill utility control systems, including GE, Modicon, and Rockwell PLC’s, Siemens, GE, and Allen Bradly VF drives within the ABB platform.