GPA is happy to announce its partnership with Aspen Technology, Inc., the asset optimization company. GPA will be integrating Aspen Mtell® predictive analytics and Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Process Control software into their process control and automation offerings.

GPA, headquartered in Wilmington NC, has delivered modern process automation and control platforms to the pulp & paper, life sciences and specialty chemical industries for over 20 years. With Aspen Mtell software and Aspen DMC3 technology, companies like International Paper, WestRock, and Georgia-Pacific gain the capability to predict impending equipment failures well in advance of actual breakdowns, with enough time to adjust control system parameters to prevent or mitigate asset failures.

Aspen Mtell is part of the aspenONE® Asset Performance Management (APM) software suite combining big data, machine learning and process modeling expertise to maximize performance across the design, operations and maintenance asset lifecycle. Aspen Mtell uses data from current and historical process operations along with maintenance and historical records to detect the root cause failure signatures that precede degradation and breakdowns. The combination of AspenTech predictive analytics software with Adaptive Process Control technology helps firms improve margins with minimal risk to operations by achieving peak performance and sustaining it, even with constantly changing operational conditions.

Supporting Quotes

Dave Maddux. Director of Sales, GPA, Inc.

“GPA is adding significant additional value to key verticals such as Pulp & Paper with Aspen Mtell predictive analytics and Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Process Control technology. Eliminating unplanned downtime with early failure detection and optimizing planned maintenance will help reduce one of the highest costs in a paper mill while maximizing operational efficiency.”

John Hague, Senior Vice President and General Manager, AspenTech APM Business Unit “AspenTech and GPA offer a winning combination of footprint, talent and understanding of the unique needs of process control to our customers and prospects, enabling profitable, sustainable operational and maintenance decision-making. We look forward to helping companies in complex, capital-intensive industries achieve the highest possible levels of automation, control and productivity.”

About GPA

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