Cleveland, TN – The Career Exploration class at Bradley Central High School in Cleveland, TN recently hosted Dave Maddux to discuss career opportunities in the technology field. Along with increasing technology which has changed the dynamics of the job market, skilled labor plays an integral part as well. Maddux discussed the growing demand for skilled labor in the United States. According to recent studies, the United States is experiencing a shortage in this area of our economy. “It’s important for me to reach out to our young kids and help provide them with knowledge of the economy and the job markets of the future. We are in the exponential growth curve of technology” said Maddux. As Director of Sales for GPA, Maddux has experienced first-hand the impact new technology is having on today’s workforce. “It is critical that we start providing the educational tools and the training necessary so that our kids come out of high school informed and prepared for the tough job market they will face”, added Maddux.

About Global Process Automation

Global Process Automation (GPA) is headquartered in Wilmington, NC with satellite offices in VA, WA, TX, TN, AL and AR. GPA is a recognized leader in process automation, process control, technology services, cybersecurity, and data analytics. Its mission is to work seamlessly with businesses to assess, troubleshoot, and devise a detailed plan which steadily supports business’ ROI. GPA enables clients to: bridge the gap between process control and information systems, gain visibility and identify opportunities for process optimization and achieve the highest possible level of automation, control and productivity. GPA has been involved in the pulp and paper, life science, and specialty chemical industries for over 20 years. GPA is staffed with over 40 engineers, many of which are factory trained, who bring years of process control experience to all facets of automation projects. Working with many leading DCS platforms, GPA has designed, engineered, integrated, and migrated many legacy DCS systems to modern platforms – which are needed in today’s ever-evolving environment. With their strong IT staff, who understand the unique needs of process control, GPA is able to provide its clients with leading-edge solutions in data analytics, networking, data center design and development. GPA’s engineers stay current with existing and emerging technologies enabling new business capabilities in a cost-effective way. Whether it is building new system infrastructures or integrating controls into an existing platform, their engineering team will design a solution to optimize processes and operations to maximize business performance. For more information on Global Process Automation, visit